Act on Specified Commercial Transactions for overseas shipping

Company name     : Kurata Foods Ltd.

Address                : 1-32-49,Higashiteshirocho,Fukuyama city,Hiroshima

                              721-0962 JAPAN

Telephone             : +81-84-945-6200

Fax                       : +81-84-945-6234

Contact person      : Yasuhiko Kurata

E-mail address      :

Payment method   : Credit card

                              VISA,MasterCard(one-time pay only)

                              (1)After placing your order,you will receive an email with a

                              link to access your payment transaction.

                              (2)Proceed to payment by clicking URL link in the email.

                              (3)We will ship your package after confirming payment.

                              (4)If payment is not received in 1 week after order date,we

                              will cancel the order.

How to order          : Please make your order via this web shop or e-mail.


Delivery date          : We will ship in 5 days after your payment is successfully 


Exchanges/Returns : To be eligible for return and/or exchange of merchandise,

                               please contact us with details of the item(s) you wish to

                               return within 5 days of receipt of shipment via the e-mail.

                               【Return accepted in the following situations】

                               (1)Wrong item(s) was delivered

                               (2)Defective item(s) was delivered

                               (3)Item(s) was damaged during delivery


                               【The following types of products cannot be canceled,

                               returned,or exchanged regardless of the preceding


                               (1)For reasons customer's own

                               (2)Opened or used products

                               (3)Products damaged or soiled in the customer's possession

Shipping rate         : Shipping costs are different depending on the country/region

                               to which the order is shipped.Please click the following link,

                               and confirm your shipping rate.

                               ■Japan Post:EMS


                               ■Yamato Transport:International TA-Q-BIN


                               *If you use International Cool TA-Q-BIN(flozen/refrigerated),

                                 it will cost you the additional fees as followings

                                 (tax included).

                                 Size60   +4,000JPY

                                 Size80   +8,000JPY

                                 Size100 +12,000JPY

                                 Size120 +16,000JPY

Import duty            : Depending on the laws and regulations of the country the

                               order is shipped to, there may be an import duty,

                               value-added tax,customers fee,which will be born by the

                               customer(or the recipient if the customer and recipient are

                               different),and will be charged directly by the mail delivery

                               service,customs,or mail courier of the country.